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[ Specializing in Portraits Videography for promotional material + Prints ]


I've had the pleasure of photographing the elite with power and and influence like Magnus Carlson, JJ Abrams, George Lucas along with capturing the smiles of children in small remote villages in Haiti and South Africa. These brief and beautiful opportunities have been invaluable in who I am as an artist and teaching me about people and the world.

The money I make from my photography goes directly into funding gear as well as working for NGO's and Non-Profits who don't have an extensive budget for media. 

If there is a story to capture, I would like to be your photographer from a simple portrait shoot to documentary work. 

P O R T F O L I O / 30 Images from my best work (above)  


  Whatever      your media    needs are I    would like    to work        with you!

D E M O  R E E L / 2018 Culmination from past clients (below) 

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